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Practical Approach

Our courses combine innovative learning methods with a practical, easy to grasp and immediately applicable approach. We integrate multiple educational strategies to help ensure you are able to  truly digest and embody the new learning. To become an upgraded you.

Professionally Accredited

Our Emergent Coach Training®  is professionally accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The ICF is the worlds leading credentialing body for professional coaches and means our program and organization has proved it abides by the highest standards. 

Belong to a Community

Joining our courses means you become part of a thriving community of committed learners and change agents. Once you're enrolled you will be able to access our integrated in-platform online community. Feel connected. Feel part of something big and world changing by doing so.

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All About The Emergent Coach Training Complete Packages

What do I get?

When you purchase one of our complete program packages you will have everything you need to complete our certification from beginning to end (excluding retreat accommodation & travel costs!). We have two tracks to choose from and to find out what each offers, please click the tabs directly above or please read the next section.

Which track is right for me?

We have two options for you: Essentials Complete or Emergent Complete. Essentials Complete has all of our core program plus the Essentials intensive and is perfect for novices or for coaches who'd like to refresh or upgrade their learning. Emergent Complete is the full core program and is for you if you already have previous coach training.

Can I pay by installments?

The simple answer to this is 'Yes you can!' By taking either of the Complete offers you can spread your payments over up to 10 months. Please click the Courses menu tab above to learn more about costs or payment plans. There you can also find out about any discounts we may have and also about our scholarship program.

The Essentials Complete Program

The Essentials Intensive

In the Essentials intensive program you'll learn all the key skills of great coaching including how to run professional coaching sessions and relationships. It's an immersive 5-week offer including 3 live classes, 2 weekend workshops, online content and more. It asks a lot of you but you will gain a load!
This alone is an incredible learning opportunity and you will walk away with some life-changing skills but with the complete you also get the rest!

The Core Program

Next there are the core elements of the Emergent Coach Training:
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And there's more!

In addition, you'll also receive our Level 1 Self-Guided Mindfulness Program plus a Level 2 6-Week Live Program and you can choose to take our live level one mindfulness program at a significant discount.
There's also a Resources program containing everything you'll need to support your learning (films, documents etc.) all in one easy to locate place. Naturally there's access to our in-platform learning community pages and more.
TOTAL COST $6790 $6250

The Emergent Complete Program

Made for Professionals

The Emergent Complete Program is a full end to end training designed for already certified coaches who wish to learn our cutting-edge methodology, to seriously upgrade their ability to create deep sustainable change in their clients, to help others effortlessly overcome their internal blocks, access greater creativity and become better decision-makers. 
Check out some of our testimonials to see how this can make you more effective as a coach.

The Core Program

The core elements of the Emergent Coach training you receive are:
Please click the button below (or the individual cards below that) to learn more.

And there's more!

With both Complete packages participants receive our Level 1 Self-Guided Mindfulness Program plus a Level 2 6-Week Live Program. 
You have a Resources program containing supplementary learning content in one easy location. You gain access to our in-platform learning community plus the additional option of taking workshop two of the Essentials program to learn more of our unique approach to somatic coaching.
TOTAL COST $4940 $4550

Or purchase one of our courses individually

Click any program card to learn more about what's inside. Go to the Courses page to access discounts & offers.

What our learners have to say about us

The Emergent Coach Training has truly been a game-changer for me, both in my personal life and in my coaching.  What they have done in the program is nothing short of miraculous—weaving together a magnificent tapestry of ancient wisdom and modern sciences, touching on areas as seemingly diverse—but undeniably related—as intuition, depth psychology, language, metaphor, movement, embodied cognition and somatic intelligence.  

Emergent Coaching is the way to go. When I started introducing the tools and skills I learned in the course in my coaching practice, my clients not only got deeper insights but also achieved them in a shorter time compared to the classic ‘cognitive’ approach. It reduces the amount of coaching sessions to get ‘to the root of things’.  So why spend hours on the gravel road, when you can directly head onto the highway?

I have...found the unique approach of this model to coaching to be transformational. I have 25 years of background coaching and consulting with individuals and teams from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. I have often wondered if this world is ready to shift to states of higher consciousness and connectedness. With the tools I have learned through the Emergent approach, I feel profoundly confident that this shift is soon to come or is already happening.”
kathryn guylay, mba phd
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