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The Emergent Coach Training

Effective Date: 09.19.22
This web page represents a legal document and forms the Terms and Conditions (Agreement) for purchasing and participation in The Emergent Coach Training Program. By purchasing and participating in the program you agree to fully comply with and be bound by the following Agreement and acknowledge you have read and agree to these terms.


The terms “us”, “we”, and “our” refer to InterActualizer Corp., and all members of our organization. A “Participant” is someone who attends any of our programs whether paid or not. The term “Product” refers to any products, courses, training or services we sell or give away.

Acceptance of Agreement

This Agreement is between you and InterActualizer Corp.


You also agree to be bound by all and any other terms and conditions (eg Affiliate Partner Program, Main Site Terms and Conditions) which we have made publicly available or which pertain to any particular offer.

Payment Policy

Unless choosing a payment plan, all courses must be paid for in full prior to commencement.

  • Payments for programs, full program tracks and workshops are generally made and processed through our website payment system. You access this by selecting a program or programs from the BUY COURSES page, selecting any options and then making payment from the cart. The in-site payment system currently accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard & American Express) and Apple Pay. 
  • We can accept payments via Venmo. Contact us for details.
  • You may also pay for your training by US check (contact us for details), however you will not be added to a program until the payment has cleared. 
  • In special circumstances, we can or may also send an invoice for payment directly from our payment processor (you can use credit cards or Apple Pay). 
  • You will receive or be able to access a basic receipt of payment when using the methods outlined above. If you require a more formal receipt (or invoice) for tax or reimbursement purposes, please contact us directly.

Payment Plans
The in-site course payment system offers payment plans for most (but not all) programs and program tracks. The following terms apply:
  • If you enroll in any program on a payment plan, once you have made your first installment you must make all remaining payments in a timely manner as laid out in the initial agreement. Generally our payment plans will require you to make your succeeding payments in monthly intervals from the initial date of purchase.
  • If a payment is missed for any reason, the total amount of the remaining tuition plus a $250 fee will be invoiced and due immediately. If you do not pay this amount within 7 days, we reserve the right to instruct an agency to collect the outstanding debt.
  • If you believe you will miss a payment (eg. due to financial or emotional distress or health issues) please reach out to us immediately in order that we can avoid triggering the above steps and manage the situation with you.
  • Should you transfer cohorts at any time, you must continue with and complete your original payment plan.
  • If you decide to withdraw or discontinue your training with us, you are still subject to our Refund Policy terms stated below. If you do so within 30 days or after program commencement then you are still liable for the full tuition cost and all successive plan payments must continue to be honored and paid in full.  Failure to do so will invoke item two above regarding missed payments and debt collection.

Even if you’ve successfully completed all the training elements for any program, certificates will only be issued upon completion of all payments owing to InterActualizer including any payment plans. 

Refund Policy

If you withdraw from the Emergent Coach Training program, the following policy will decide whether you are entitled to a refund or not. 

  • If you apply for a refund 31+ days before the commencement date of any Emergent Coach Training course, a full refund will be provided (minus a $250 non-refundable registration fee and any financial transaction costs e.g. PayPal, card or bank transfer fees).
  • If you apply fewer than 30 days of your Emergent Coach Training course commencement, there is no refund. As such, once the program has commenced there is also no refund. However, depending on the circumstances (eg. health or personal crisis), we may offer you credit towards completion with us at an agreed date in the near future. If program costs have increased when you take up such an offer, we may also require the additional balance to be paid. We will request a transfer fee.
  • If you’ve purchased a full course package (eg Level 1 or 2 track) or multiple courses, the above conditions apply to the commencement date of your first elected course of the Emergent Coach Training program.
  • If you defer and/or you do not complete certification of all your programs within 18 months from commencement date of your first program with us, additional fees will apply.
  • All Mindfulness programs are non-refundable.

Partial Completion Policy

InterActualizer will offer credit for partial completion of a course. The number of hours awarded will depend on the number of hours of curriculum received and appropriately completed. If you are interested in receiving partial credit for a course in which you are currently or were previously enrolled, please contact us at no more than 21 days after the course has ended. Please include details about the course in which you were enrolled, the number of credit hours you are seeking, and any additional relevant information. If approved, you will receive a partial completion certificate or letter of partial completion from InterActualizer indicating the number of training hours completed. 

Partial Credit Policy

We do accept partial credit from other ICF-accredited organizations and programs, and we may accept credit from non-ICF trainings as well. We may require additional training to the below requirements before joining our certification tracks.

  • To join the Emergent Core or PCC Level 2 program:  If you have completed a Level 1 (or ACC level) program at another organization and/or already hold an ICF ACC credential, we will apply your completed credit hours to your Level 2 program. You must provide documentation of your Level 1 completion, including the organization, number of hours completed, completion certificate, and contact information for the organization or trainer. You may be asked for additional details or documentation on an as-needed basis.
  • If your training has been with a non-ICF accredited training provider, we will require all of the above and will evaluate the program standards and make an assessment. According to ICF guidance, we can only accept a maximum of 1/3 of the total training hours for a non-ICF accredited program.
  • To join an ACC (Level 1 Track we may accept partial credits from other ICF training providers however we will generally require that you take the entire program.

Please contact us on  for more information so we can assess how we might best support your continuing coaching learning journey.

Illness Policy

In order to provide you with the minimum required training hours for certification, it is important that you are fully present at all course classes and workshops.
  • If you have an emergency or become ill and are not able to attend a class or workshop, please contact us on immediately. You will be expected to complete the session materials according to the missed class protocol in our Participation Policy.  
  • If you become too unwell to complete a program we will do our best to offer you credit and a place in a future program. Under some circumstances there may be additional fees for doing so. Please contact us as soon as you are aware to discuss.

Course Completion and Program Deferral Policy

  • Once you have commenced a program track (Level 1 ACC/Level 2 PCC, Core) we generally require you to complete your training by taking the first available suitable program/s in your chosen track and complete in the shortest time possible.
  • If you decide to defer or postpone taking the next available program/s in your track at any point, you must contact us immediately to discuss. You must complete your track within 18 months of commencement of the first section of your training. Failure to do any of the above will potentially incur additional fees.
  • If you are doing so due to illness or personal problems, please reach out and discuss with us as soon as possible so we can help you manage the situation.

General Disability Policy

InterActualizer aims to support individuals with disabilities and is committed to providing disabled individuals reasonable access and accommodations when and where possible. In addition, InterActualizer prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability and will try to ensure equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities when we can and we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations in compliance with all local, state/territory, and federal laws.

While our goal is to create a learning environment which meets the needs of each individual student, as a small organization we are limited in our ability to accommodate many disabilities. Our intention is that as we grow, more will be possible. Please contact us on before enrolling to determine if your needs can be met.

Non-Discrimination & DEIJ Policy

We are committed to providing high-quality coaching education that empowers coaches to help their clients achieve their full potential.. We are dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment that values diversity, innovation, and excellence, and we are passionate about making a positive impact in the world through the transformative power of coaching.

It is the policy of InterActualizer that:
  • Recruitment and hiring of all personnel is conducted without discrimination against any individual with regard to race, age, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or veteran status.
  • All staff and personnel will not discriminate against any employee or participant because of race, age, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or veteran status.
  • All individuals are welcome to participate regardless of race, age, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or veteran status.
  • All employees, students, and other participants should be able to enjoy an environment free of discrimination and harassment. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination or harassment in the areas of race, age, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or veteran status. Our organization does not and will not tolerate conduct by any employee, student, volunteer, contractor, visitor, or vendor which unreasonably interferes with an individual’s ability to learn in a welcoming environment.

Participants who wish to report discrimination are encouraged to follow the grievance policy outlined below. InterActualizer will promptly investigate all claims and reports of inappropriate conduct.

Complaint & Grievance Policy

InterActualizer seeks to ensure equitable treatment of every person and to attempt to solve any complaints or grievances in a timely and fair manner. Participants have the right to file a grievance regarding presentation or content, facility and payment concerns, or faculty or other participant behavior. All grievances will be addressed to the best of our ability to address the issue and prevent further problems. The process for filing grievances is as below: 

  • A participant should first attempt to resolve the issue directly with the educator/trainer, staff, or participant with whom they may have an issue. If participants are not comfortable approaching the individual or this isn’t a an educator/staff or participant issue, they can proceed to step 2. 
  • If participants are not comfortable approaching the individual with whom they have a grievance, or are unable to resolve the issue directly, participants should submit a written complaint grievance to us on within 14 days. A program manager or faculty member will review the issue and aim to meet with the student within 14 days of receiving the complaint. The manager/faculty member will work with all parties involved to resolve the issue. 
  • If a participant does not feel the issue is resolved, a written request for an appeal should be sent to us at InterActualizer for review. This appeal should include the original complaint and reason(s) the participant is unsatisfied with the resolution attempt(s). Appeals are reviewed and a written response will be provided to the participant within 14 days. All appeal decisions are final.

Participation Policy

To be successful in our program requires full commitment by all participants. By enrolling in our programs, participants are agreeing to being fully present during all sessions and participate to the best of their ability. This includes arriving on time, abiding by the code of conduct, and engaging in course activities.

  • In order to provide you with the minimum required training hours for certification, it is important that you are present at all course meetings. 
  • If  for some reason (eg. you have an emergency or become ill) you are not able to attend or complete a class, please either let your instructor know or mail us on immediately.
  • Participants can miss a maximum of 1 class per course (e.g. 1 for Essentials including 1 session only of a workshop, 1 for Pathways; 1 for Focusing etc.) be expected to complete the session materials, review the session recording, practice the session learning and submit a Missed Class form to us within two weeks of the class in order to make up for the missed session. Missed Class forms are located in your learning platform.
  • If you need to miss more than one session of a course, you may have an option to cover an additional two missed classes at your own expense with a faculty member or you may wish to register for the next run of the course.  The conditions same will apply for Group Mentor Coaching though group classes may all be made up individually at extra cost. We will work with you individually to ascertain the best solution for you.

Course Engagement

Our courses are designed to be interactive and engaging for our participants. It is therefore an expectation that you participate in course activities, including dialogue with the course instructor and peers, practice coaching activities and breakouts, and experiential learning exercises. If you are unable to participate in an activity, please inform your instructor as soon as possible. Please refer to the code of conduct for additional details.

Code of Conduct

Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner during all sessions. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Arriving punctually to all sessions.
  • Attending all live sessions and mentor coaching sessions in full.
  • Having your camera on for virtual live sessions.
  • Being appropriately attired and in a professional environment suitable for coaching. This also includes not operating machinery or vehicles, on a beach, walking or any form of active travel.
  • Participating fully in all sessions and mentor coaching sessions. This includes being prepared for the session, involving yourself in discussions and activities, assuming responsibility for your learning, and contributing to the learning of others.
  • Engaging in discussions with integrity and honesty.
  • Being respectful of your fellow participants and instructors, including silencing your cell phone, not texting, and other disruptive behaviors.

Ethics, Integrity & Transparency Statement

As an ICF Accredited provider, our organization adheres to and emphasizes the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics. The ICF Code of ethics describes the ICF core values, ethical principles, and standards of behavior for all ICF professionals. Meeting these ethical standards of behavior is the first of the ICF core coaching competencies. You can read more about the ICF Code of Ethics here.

Additionally, InterActualizer is committed to the core values of equity, integrity, excellence and transparency. We hold ourselves, our participants  and graduates to the highest level of integrity and strive to be as transparent as possible by explicitly stating measures being taken to provide programs in an ethical manner. We do not believe in using manipulative or dishonest sales tactics and strive to provide a safe and ethical sales process. Further, we work to provide fair and equitable pricing for all programs to ensure access and quality of coaching education.

Participants are invited to notify us of any breaches of the code via our Ethical Reporting form in Resources or directly via our contact forms. We are also fully accountable to the ICF for our ethical behavior in all areas.

Severability and Our Right of Refusal

InterActualizer Corp. reserves ultimate right of refusal, termination of participation and removal from access to our services. Reasons can include:
  • Abuse of other community members, faculty or our support team.
  • Non-payment of fees.
  • Consistent non-compliance with our community guidelines.
  • Theft of our or other participants Intellectual Property.
  • For all Emergent Coach Training participants agreement to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics is mandatory. Breaches will be dealt with by our Ethical Review Process which may also include formal notification of the ICF Ethical Review Board. You will find our internal Ethical Review Process and forms in Resources. Refusal to participate in the process will result in automatic removal from our programs and community. 

InterActualizer Corp will notify you of any breaches which may lead to us exercising our right of refusal. Provision will be made for you to clarify and/or rectify any perceived issues or breaches. Refusal and termination of our services may result in partial or full loss of fees and incur financial penalties.

Liability & Personal Responsibility

As a participant in the InterActualizer Corp. programs and offers, you acknowledge and accept full responsibility for your personal wellbeing and choices. InterActualizer. Corp will take all reasonable steps to ensure personal and community safety and ethical behavior, however they are in no way liable for your personal outcomes or impacts that might result from any of the training programs or activities (including from coaching interactions within the programs or community). For those taking the Empowerment retreat, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your choices on that program.

Joining our community, training programs, retreats or offers means you are explicitly indemnifying InterActualizer Corp., its officers, directors, shareholders, faculty, contractors and employees from any and all responsibility for your choices, actions and interactions within any of the InterActualizer Corp. activities.
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