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What is Emergent Coaching?

The Emergent Coach Training® merges cutting-edge cognitive science, systems thinking, depth psychology & human development theory with ancient wisdom practices into an innovative, embodied, whole-person coaching methodology. 
It's an advanced professional coach training program integrating International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaching competencies with our unique science-driven approach for rapidly shifting  inner blocks to success, catalyzing insight and for supporting deep, effortless, sustainable change in your clients.
The program has several modules. Which you take will depend upon your certification track. They are:
  • Essentials
  • Integration
  • Pathways
  • Focusing
  • Empowerment
  • Fulfilment

Resources houses program docs and info plus a host of incredible additional material, demo coaching sessions with our expert faculty and more! To learn more please download the curriculum guide , join one of our regular Learning Lab calls or reach out directly to us via the Contact tab above.

Course Lessons

What our learners have to say about us

What I most appreciate about the Emergent Coach Training is the deepening of embodiment and mindfulness practices that we as coaches get to personally train in as a group and then skillfully learn how to weave them into a structured and professional coaching session to best serve our clients.

evan gonzalez  ECc, Pcc
The Emergent Coaching program took my coaching to a whole other level! The curriculum taught me the skills to access knowledge below the surface for the client. Since implementing these skills and awareness in my coaching, I have had clients reach out about the lasting impact our sessions have had on them, beyond just the topic for the session. Would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to go deeper with clients.

Emergent Coaching is the way to go. When I started introducing the tools and skills I learned in the course in my coaching practice, my clients not only got deeper insights but also achieved them in a shorter time compared to the classic ‘cognitive’ approach. It reduces the amount of coaching sessions to get ‘to the root of things’.  So why spend hours on the gravel road, when you can directly head onto the highway?

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