The Emergent Coach Training® Program

The Embodiment in Coaching Workshop

Earns 10  ACSTH

Course Cost: $350
Only $175 for anyone who's trained either with us or with Rod in any program. 

What will I learn?

This 2-day intensive workshop experientially teaches participants powerful somatic and reflective coaching tools for more effective coaching sessions.
Led by Rod Francis the workshop introduces participants to the science of somatics and embodiment but more importantly experientially teaches how to seamlessly integrate use of the body and embodied intelligence as a source of insight, creative thinking and new perspective within coaching sessions.

Alongside experiencing the power of an embodied coaching approach first hand participants learn how to seamlessly integrate somatics into their coaching niche. Participants must already have coach training (or some client-facing professional experience such as a therapist etc.) in order to gain from this workshop.

See below for our upcoming schedule, email us to ask or go here to read more.





  • Day 1 — Sat April 23rd | 10am to 4pm Eastern
  • Day 2 — Sun April 24th | 10am to 4pm Eastern
  • Day 1 — Sat October 29th | 10am to 4pm Eastern
  • Day 1 — Sun October 30th | 10am to 4pm Eastern

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Rod Francis

Rod is a lead teacher of the Emergent Coach Training program and a founding member of InterActualizer. Alongside designing and leading professional coach training programs in Europe & the USA, culminating in the Emergent program, Rod is actively speaking, writing, coaching and leading workshops and retreats exploring human, organizational and social development, optimization and change. 
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