The Emergent Coach Training® Program


Welcome to the Essentials section of the Emergent Coach Training® Program.
Course Cost: $1850

What is Emergent Coaching?

The Emergent Coach Training® program merges cutting-edge cognitive science, systems thinking, depth psychology & human development theory with ancient wisdom practices into an innovative, embodied, whole-person coaching methodology. 
Essentials is an immersive basic coach training program which can be taken as a stand-alone for anyone wanting to learn the key skills of great coaching. It can also be the start point to becoming a certified Emergent Coach (ECC) for novices or for anyone who wants to refresh or upgrade their current coaching skills.
The full Emergent Coach Training program consists of 4 or 5 main sections depending upon your track:
  • Essentials
  • Pathways
  • Focusing
  • Empowerment
  • Fulfilment

Resources contains important supplementary content for the program to help support the learning. To learn more about our program and how it offers a powerful new way to help others create change in their lives please download the curriculum guide or feel free to reach out directly to us via the Contact tab above.


See our Curriculum Guide for more details!


  • Class 1 — Sat Jan 8 & Tues Jan 10    | 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern 
  • Class 2 — Sat Jan 22 & Tues Jan 25 | 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern 
  • Class 3 — Sat Feb 5 & Tues Feb 8      | 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern 
  • Workshop 1 — Sat Jan 15 & Sun Jan 16  | 9am PT/12pm ET 
  • Workshop 2 — Sat Jan 29 & Sun Jan 30  | 9am PT/12pm ET 

APRIL 2022

  • Class 1 — Sat Apr 2 & Tues Apr 5      | 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern 
  • Class 2 — Sat Apr 16 & Tues Apr 19 | 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern 
  • Class 3 — Sat Apr 30 & Tues May 3  | 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern 
  • Workshop 1 — Sat Apr 9 & Sun Apr 10   | 9am PT/12pm ET 
  • Workshop 2 — Sat Apr 23 & Sun Apr 24 | 9am PT/12pm ET 

How it works.

  • 5 Modules
  • 3 Live Classes on Zoom
  • 2 Intensive 2-day  Workshops
  • 5 Buddy Calls
  • Up To 42 ICF ACSTH

Emergent Essentials

This is a 5-week intensive program designed to give participants all the key coaching skills needed to enter the other Emergent Coach Training modules. If you want to learn to coach from scratch or upgrade your skills then this is the program for you.

How Do I Join?

Please use the button above to enroll in the Emergent Coach Training® Program or click the courses page to enroll in the Complete package. There you'll also unlock any discount offers and do join us on one of our regular webinars to learn more.
Meet the instructor

Rod Francis

Rod is faculty head and creator of the Emergent Coach Training program and a founding member of InterActualizer. Alongside designing and leading professional coach training programs in Europe & the USA, culminating in the Emergent program, Rod is actively speaking, writing, coaching and leading workshops and retreats exploring human, organizational and social development, optimization and change. 
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