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InterActualizer Year End 2021 Newsletter

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End of year is now here for us all and time for the final news before the new year is upon us. For me, Rod, it's been quite a time of transition as many of you will be aware that I've transitioned fully out of working with the Human Potential Institute. While a little sad in the ways that all endings can be, I leave them with a great program and terrific team to carry on. Many of whom are part of our community here!

The benefit is this leaves me free to develop my own ideas and offers further which now neatly takes us on to the job at hand. The news!


All ICF-Accredited training providers have been notified that there are significant changes afoot regarding training providers will need to be operating and accrediting their programs. To learn more details from the ICF about what this means please go here.

We will be working with the ICF in 2022 to align our offer with the new protocols. From what we currently understand that will primarily mean that in 2023 The Emergent Coach Training program will become what is currently known as an ACTP—in the new jargon it will become a Level 2 Accredited Program. Level 1 is what is currently known as an ACSTH. Going forward from 2023 all ICF-Accredited programs will have to have Mentor Coaching integrated into their programs, plus they all will have to offer an end assessment which will then be considered sufficient to cover both certifying and credentialing with the ICF. This appears to means no further recording  submission will be required to credential as either ACC or PCC from 2023.

My current intention is to also be able to offer both Level 1 and 2 from 2023. These changes also mean that eventually the portfolio path to ACC/PCC/MCC credentialing will cease to exist but we have been assured that anyone taking a current training up to the end of 2022 will still be able to continue to apply for portfolio (ACSTH) path to ACC, PCC or MCC in the future. This means all participants in our programs up to end of 2022 are good, and from 2023 we will then offer a full Level 2 (& Level 1) program.

These changes are definitely good for the industry and will ensure all accredited training programs meet the highest standards.


The 2022 programs are booking and we're really looking forward to getting started.

Firstly in 2022 will be an EMBODIMENT IN COACHING 2-day workshop with me (Rod) running over the weekend of 29-30 January which will be part of the Essentials program. It integrates and builds on the somatic and Focusing work I've been running in coach trainings for some time. Please go here to learn more. As with other programs, previous participants in any of my programs (including from the HPI) can re-attend at a 50% discount and gain 10 ACSTH/CCEU's. Use the code retake50 to access the discount.

I will be running an initial version of the ICF GROUP MENTOR COACHING program beginning in February of 2022, so if you or someone you know requires mentor coaching get them to go to the site or reach out to us. I'm currently intending to offer two time slots as an experiment to see which is most convenient. Please go here to learn more.

I have announced the new 5-week intensive ESSENTIALS program for novices or anyone who might like to upgrade or refresh their coaching skillset. It is a much needed path for untrained participants to be able to enter the core program and will become a start point for our Level 2 program in 2023. It can also be taken as a stand-alone program to earn 42 ACSTH and terrific for anyone who simply wants to gain coaching skills without taking a full program or credentialing. I was forced to cancel the January intake but we intend to run in 2022 so do get anyone interested in this to reach out directly to us.


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The Story of Change is my monthly radio show airing on NPR (National Public Radio) and I'm seeking an intern to work and learn with me on growing it. This is a terrific opportunity to learn about radio and audio production. They will need great communication skills, be interested in writing and all areas of production, be highly computer and tech literate and a bonus would be some audio recording and editing skill. Applicants should write to us on


My latest find is a fantastic book called Multiplicity: The New Science of Personality, Identity, and the Self  by Rita Carter. It is an incredible exploration of self and parts and will give you some fantastic insights into why parts work is so effective and also some great ideas on how to work more creatively with them.

Wishing you and yours a joy-filled festive time however you spend it.
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