Sep 12 / The Interactualizer Team

InterActualizer Fall 2021 Newsletter

On a withered branch
A crow is perched
An autumn evening


Here on the mountain we're watching the leaves change, the squirrels are hard at work on the acorns and nuts and the crisp mornings tell me fall is upon us. 

Time is upon us for some fall news and the first being ...


This year's Empowerment Retreat has completed in both live and virtual formats and both have been hugely gratifying ... and that's just for me! The Elohee retreat was small but as you can see from the photo of the fire circle, the weather was exemplary and I was able to offer a lot of upgraded work to our committed crew of travelers.

The virtual was quite an experiment for us all. I really wondered how I might manage to create a nature-based coaching experience in the Zoom space but the responses have been so positive. It seems there are plans afoot to set up an Empowerment Council as a semi-regular  meeting to connect and share and continue some of the work. Looking forward to that myself as well.

Please do offer us your feedback for the retreat and thanks to those who've already done so. You can access the form in the platform or by going here.


Our 2022 programs are now open and we have a few new additions. The big one is our Essentials program which is a 5-week intensive coach training program aimed at novices or anyone who might like to upgrade or refresh their coaching skillset. It is a path for untrained participants to be able to enter the core program and it can also be a stand-alone which will gain 42 ACSTH. It can be a terrific value-add for therapists, counselors, managers and leaders to broaden their skills or to add to their resume, gain a powerful new edge and significant leverage to enhance their earning potential.

We are also significantly increasing our ACSTH units and the core program now earns  up to 114 ACSTH and when Essentials is added it earns up to 156 ACSTH. Our live mindfulness programs now earn participants a total of 8 ACSTH for the Level 1, 8-week and a total of 6 ACSTH for the Level 2, 6-week.


We're still quite a small organization and need help and support to communicate and let others know about the work we're doing so wonder if you might be willing to help with that? Word of mouth is always the best so simply telling people about the value of our programs. Same with giving us your feedback and particularly testimonials. They help us to be able to share on our site and social.

This brings me to our Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin pages which again we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd join with us there and help share and like our posts. We'd also love to follow you back and share your stories on our pages. 

We're also exploring an affiliate program so we can offer financial gratitude for you for introducing new participants to our program and community. We'll keep you posted when that becomes clearer.


The Story of Change is my monthly radio show airing on NPR (National Public Radio & available to listen again on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Google Play) and I'm now looking for some intern support for the show so if you know of someone who is keen to support and learn about radio production, who has great communication skills, is interested in writing and all areas of production, and a bonus would be if they have some audio recording and editing skill, then get them to write to us on hello@the story of OR simply use the address.


I'd like to leave you with a resource from Martin Shaw who you likely know I have a great passion for. The Mystery School is hosting a remarkable 8-hour online video course called The Storyteller Course from Shaw and you can access that by clicking the link above. It costs USD$149.00. I do not gain by this and have paid for it myself!

That's all for now and meet you on the road when I do.
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