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InterActualizer Winter 2021 Newsletter

seeker of truth
follow no path
all paths lead where
truth is here
—e e cummings

Hi and welcome to the very first newsletter from InterActualizer Learning. It's been a super busy time for us what with launching the organization plus all the offers, and there's a lot as you can see! Truth be told, as even our first round of Emergent Coach Training 2021 won't get underway until March of this year there's not a lot of training-based news for you but nonetheless, let's have a go!

Emergent Coach Training®

Pathways will commence in the first week of March with the content opening on the Friday before. We do this so participants will have an entire weekend to engage with the learning material prior to the class, though it does not have to be completed by then. Most live classes are spaced every two weeks so there's plenty of time to cover the learning content for each module and frankly, at the end of the day, most of it is really supplementary to the learning we'll be doing in the live classes. Anything essential will be marked as that.

All of you on the Emergent program should have received both Foundations and the Mindfulness 8-week self-guided program in your dashboard so there's plenty to get going with!

For those still in mid-program (meaning the 2020 cohort who haven't been able to complete the retreat), let's have a look at that now.

Empowerment Retreats 2021

For those on the 2020 program we were truly devastated to have had to postpone the September retreat last year though it was clearly the right thing to do. We were planning a prospective replacement for that in May of this year though considering the state of the virus and slow vaccine roll outs, this looks increasingly unlikely at this point.

We are definitely planning to run at our usual time in Elohee over the September Labor Day weekend in the US. Naturally the situation with COVID-19 has been and is constantly evolving, however we're fairly confident that 2021 should see us all back in-person in the wild for some fun, connection and growth.

That said it initially seemed prudent to plan a virtual version of the Empowerment program as a 'just in case', an idea which once unleashed and planned, then seemed one to integrate as a permanent fixture in our offer. So the virtual program will begin at 2pm eastern on the Friday following the Labor Day weekend live retreat and it will complete on the following Monday at 6pm eastern.

Yes, a live retreat in the wild is not something easy to replicate in a virtual environment, but having plenty of experience with creating powerful online workshops for the HPI Rod has created a unique program which honors all the key work of the in-person retreat and now opens up the ability for those who cannot attend live at Elohee to complete their certification. Stay tuned for more details on both offers!

Help us Grow!

As you're aware we're a small but deeply committed organization and there are ways you can help support our mission. The first you're already doing as simply by training with us you're helping us to sustain, grow and reach others. Another can be to offer us feedback when we request it. Having this helps us to optimize our trainings as we develop. Also offering testimonials helps us to be able to communicate the benefits of our offers to others who are interested in the unique nature of the work we do. Finally, if you're inspired and able to, please help us spread the message. Do tell your community about us, the nature of our work and also the breadth and impact of our programs.

We have a live webinar on the Emergent Coach Training program with Rod on February 16th at noon eastern. Registration is available from the home page. Anyone can join us and please do spread word of that call around your community.

Also we have our Free Trial program which is designed to give potential participants a taster of some of the content and breadth of the program which we'd love it if you were to recommend that on your social channels.

Also we have Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin pages which again we'd appreciate it if you could join and help share. Also we'd love to connect and follow you there and also share you and your stories on our pages. 

The Story of Change

One of the many projects that has taken energy is a new radio show which Rod will be running as part of the InterActualizer programming. It's called The Story of Change and is an hour long, monthly show on NPR (National Public Radio) in the US initially hosted by WUTC at the University of Tennessee. It will explore all facets of change and transformation though conversations with everyone from regular folk from across the globe right through to academics, scientists, writers and other thought leaders.

We'll keep you posted and will also be wanting to draw on our community as a resource if you're willing. We will upload episodes after they've been aired, so they can be listened to at anytime once NPR have released them.


We like to leave you with some kind of additional learning resource in each of these newsletters and Rod's suggestion is a wonderful read titled Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. It's an extraordinary journey through the history of humans focusing particularly on the cognitive revolution—the period in which that remarkable 6lbs of jello between your ears put on some serious size and took all our ancestors from chewing leaves to flying to Mars.

Catch you next news.

The InterActualizer team
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